Beachfront Self Tanner! Did Someone Say, AMAZE?

Perfect Spring Break Tan(w-o the sun!)Have you ever seen that woman who obviously did some do-it-yourself tanning action?  You know, the person that looked like she smeared Tang all over her body?  Well, not to be a ___, but I have and I literally have never thought of self tanning because of it.  It’s OK too, I’m a good tanner.  However, in recent years I’ve found it really difficult to get outside and just lay around.  I mean, I am a mom of young children, so it’s no wonder.  Do I miss a great tan?  You bet your butt I do.

In comes Younique’s newest products (just launch this month!), Beachfront Self-Tanning Spray ($25) and Beachfront Self-Tanning Lotion ($39).  Yay!  Finally a self-tanning option that I know is made responsibly and that benefits women all around the world.  Don’t know Younique’s story?  Check it out here.

You all know that I love Younique’s products; that’s why I sell them!  However, I have never been so excited about a launch, as I am about these products.  This is because my all-time favorite Younique product is their Beachfront Bronzer.  It leaves a subtle (matte) covering over a sunkissed face.  Last summer, I wore just the bronzer, lipgloss and mascara everywhere, and I think I looked great.  (No one told me that I was a loser, so, I’m thinking I looked good!) 😉

Well, now I don’t have to wait all year to wear my favorite product! The Self-Tanning Lotion has a cumulative effect.  This means, you apply the product each day, (make sure to wash your hands! lol!) and your skin color gradually deepens.  So, the bottom line is, you are not going to end up with a Tang-Colored tan! Hooray!  In addition to a perfect glow, your skin is going to thank you for the moisturizer and the really nice smell.

If you are looking for something a little “quicker,” you should try our Self-Tanning Spray!  Instead of tan lines and sunburns, say hello to skin that glows. Just spray this product all over your dry body and let it dry.  (Wash your hands of course!)  With nourishing oils, antioxidants and extracts, you won’t be able to help but love your skin. And your skin will love you right back.

What did I tell you?  I am totally psyched about these products for myself, but honestly, I am SO excited to share them with you!!!  I know a ton of you are getting ready for Spring Break and wanting to look great.  Ladies, Mommas, THESE are the products you want in your suitcase.  (They are going to be in mine!)

Quick Note:  Our products are selling like crazy, (like our foundation, which still hasn’t recovered from the new brush application technique!!!).  If you are thinking about trying these products, order them RIGHT NOW.  Do not wait, do not pass go, get your order in now, because our other new product the Beachfront Body Bronzer is already on backorder.  We just announced it’s release seven (7!) days ago!

As always, let me know if you have any questions AND please tell me how you like these products in the comments below.

Happy Spring, Ladies!!!  🙂 Check out my store here: 

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