Want To Make More Money & To Be Successful?

Hi friends, that title is a little loaded, isn’t it?  Umm, yeah, of course we want to make more money.  Especially during the times of year when money gets too tight (like the holidays and vacation time), am I right?

I have been pondering this question for a LONG time, and here’s what I’ve come up with: there’s not a quick, easy answer.  Well, maybe there is a one in a million shot for someone to win the lottery, but personally, I don’t like those odds.  I want security way more than I want luck.  I want to know years from now that I can provide my children with an education that matters and that my husband I can enjoy some travel during our retirement.

Want to know what I figured out?  Being successful has less to do with what you actually do than it has to do with how you think about what you do.  Does that make sense?  After reading countless books, listening to podcasts, speaking with experts, and contemplating the subject, I’ve figured out that prosperity actually comes from within.

This realization was like an “Ah Ha!” moment for me.  Since the moment I was born, I have been a hard worker.  I put everything into the work that I did.  Over and over again, I got burnt out without making any real strides forward.  Add that in with having and supporting a family, and you have the shadow of the woman I was.  I was unhappy and misdirected. Worst of all, I wasn’t getting anywhere toward the goals of providing my kids with an education that matters and socking away money for our retirement.

What’s the difference now?  I have a plan, which relies heavily on my brain being the catalyst for change.  Have you ever heard someone say, “it’s just mind over matter?” Well, that’s just it.  You have to know you can do something in order to get it done.

I recently ran into this book, it’s called the Instant Switch.  Holy Crow!  It is perfect and is chock full of ways that you can actually change your future.  If nothing else, just sign up for the Free report.  Seriously, you are going to be wow’d by what it tells you.

I learned that I have been conditioned to be me.  So, each year when I look around and there is no money for extra gifts for Christmas or vacation money in the summer, it is because of what life has conditioned me to expect.  Ahhh!  How frustrating and eye-opening!  I have spent my life trying to make good choices and hold myself accountable for my actions, so I’m not unaware that I have a role to play in my success.  I concentrated on my studies as a student and earned an advanced degree, because I was conditioned to believe that those choices would put me in a better financial position.  LOL.

Although I wouldn’t trade my education for the world, I still found myself struggling to make ends meet, just as my parents had done when I was a child.  But all that has changed now because of the lessons learned from Sandy (the author).  In the Instant Switch, Sandy talks about something called neuroplasticity, and how it was possible for the brain to actually, physically change the brain. The resulting change stretches the mind to get results. Results like wealth, and success.

I’m telling you.  If you are wondering what is holding you back on your path to success, you probably need to check this out.  You are going to be WOW’d!

Click Here to Access the Instant Switch Free Report.

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